My Results


I have loved my running, not a fast runner by any means, but I could run and run for ever. Started regular running from around 1992 and gave up smoking as well. At the same time decided to try one of those triathlon things. And there it started.

I remember lining up for my very first Half Marathon at the Gold Coast, such a daunting feat ahead of me. Finished covered in sweat, feeling quite good and saying to myself, bent over taking some deep breathes, ‘how can anyone do that again, a full marathon?’. Over the years I have completed 53 half marathons, 13 Marathons, 12 Ultra Runs, 5 Ironman Triathlons and 1 long distance swim (9kms).

My running has been cut short from a serious mountain bike I had in 2006 just after completing my second Ironman Tri. I had a six year break following a complete hamstring avulsion operation and started again only to find out that running was causing issues with my right leg. Having been told I am to never run again I took up swimming and bike riding with the same gusto.


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