Everest Base Camp

Map of Everest Base Camp Trek

 I spend a considerable amount of my time competing in events, trekking mountains or cycling all over the countryside. Last year, I put it to my family and their partners, that they could come with me on one of the next two treks I was planning in 2018. I told them that I would fund the family treks and they could pick which one they would like to do with me:

  1. Australian Outback Marathon – AOM – July 2018
  2. Everest Base Camp trek – Nov-Dec 2018

The Everest team was, Elysse (daughter) and her partner Ben, Emily (daughter), Ryan (son in law – Alanna’s husband) and me. We had a year to plan, train, purchase gear needed for the 15 day trek, to organise vaccinations for our stay in Nepal and Visas. Most importantly were the dates, so that the Kenny Mac’s EBC team could get holidays. This because Elysse and Ben are doctors, Emily a nurse and Ryan a paramedic.

I contacted my dear friend Dil Thapa in Nepal, our guide on the Annapurna trek in 2016, who now has his own Trekking company in Kathmandu Awesome Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd., to finalise the dates.

The dates were set and the EBC team were all very excited and the pre-trek tasks were underway.

Our plan was to leave Sydney for Kathmandu on the 26th Nov 2018, Start the trek 30th Nov, arrive back in Kathmandu 12th Dec 2018 and fly back to Sydney Australia 15th Dec 2018.

Our EBC Team – Ryan, Emily, Elysse, Ben, Kenny Mac and Dil (our guide)

Now came the planning, the lists and all the questions from the team. This part of the trek seems easier for me, having done the Annapurna Circuit Trek (21 days).

These are all the things we have had to organise in the beginning:

  • Book the trek with a tour group in Nepal – Awesome Nepal Treks.

  • Book the flights. We went with, Singapore Airlines.
  • Nepal tourist Visa. I trained into North Sydney to the Nepal Embassy and purchased the 30-day visas for all our team (with the exception of Ryan – he lives in Ballina and did his by mail).  I paid an extra $15 (on top of the normal price) for each visa, this guaranteed completion that same day. It was worth it, not having them sent by mail or having to come back another day to collect them.
  • Vaccinations, which are a must travelling other parts of the world. The same day I trained into Sydney CBD I went to the Travel Doctor there. Having done this same country 2 years ago I only need top up on some the vaccinations. The other team members all being in the medical profession have most vaccinations as part of their work.
  • Lists, I sent a list I had done for the Annapurna trek to the EBC team. It was a starting point for them, and the questions would follow. As a group we have some novices in anything like this, Ben is an avid mountain bike rider and is very fit. Both Ben and Elysse did some trekking in Vietnam. This will vastly differ in minus temperatures and altitude issues. They might not be experienced Himalayan trekkers but are no doubt all very proficient list writers.

Read all about our adventure below:

Everest Base Camp – 2018

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