Darwin to Broome Cycle

D2B Map - Reality, it's now real

D2B Map – Reality, it’s now real


Travelling over the Gibb River Road, approximately 1.900 kms, across the top of Australia in 21 days.

I did this on my own, as a way of putting myself outside ‘the comfit zone’ and dealing with the demons that still persist in my head from the invasive sexual abuse I received in the Navy as a young sixteen year old lad. I read a small note one day on Facebook which simply said, “Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself”.

That said………“This is not a ride for the faint hearted.”

I have read,’ that any reasonably fit person can do it – whether you are 30 or 70. You don’t have to be super fit – just committed enough to ride 5 to 12 hours a day for at least 5 days consecutively at a time’.

Of course my training mileage will help enormously. Every section of the ride was a little different and I did have a 100 mile (sounds easier than writing 160km) day early on in the ride and I had to ride 4 days over 100 kms consecutively.

There was five rest days during journey, they were for recovery (in a hotel or caravan park – hot showers, oh yeh) , replenishments and repairs, also there was time to do some writing, posting photos and even tourist stuff.

But I had to stay focused and be happy to ride those 2 and 3 consecutive days covering 100 kms a day. There were five nights where I slept in the bush on the side of the road.


The Northern Express and I training

If you want further details of this adventure you can check out the information below:

Diet and Training

Planning and Research

Day to Day details of the Cycle

Other Crazies (like me) I met on the way

I would also like to thank Class 3/4B from Goulburn NSW.   They followed my Journey throughout this ride and also helped raise money for Bravehearts – White Balloon Day.  The students made bookmarks and sold ice cones on the day.   After my ride I had the opportunity to visit these students and they gave me a booklet “Go Kenny Mac” full of inspirational letters.  It meant the world to me. You can read them below:

Class 3-4B ‘Go Kenny Mac’ Booklet


I was asked by many how they could support me or if they could make a donation.   

Bravehearts is a fantastic Australian Organisation that raises money to educate, empower and protect Australian kids from Sexual Abuse.  It also provides ongoing support for those who have been abused.

Thank-you to all those who donated.

4 Comments on “Darwin to Broome Cycle”

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  3. Go get it Ken. Knowing you, your mind & your body, I wouldn’t be suprised if once you finish, you’ll turn around & come back!! Good luck mate, be careful & I look forward to your posts from the “road”. Dave.


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