Camden Discount Cycles

Camden Discount Cycles

Camden Discount Cycles


For 15 years I have been walking in and out of the local bike shop, Camden Discount Cycles. To this day I have purchased 5 bikes, a truck load of tires, tubes and a huge range of other gear, including my new Giant Talon 27.5, which I bought especially for my upcoming Darwin to Broome ride. 

Yvonne does all the researching while John and the mechanics have built and made all the additions to “The Northern Express” with total ease. With John’s knowledge of bikes and his own experience in riding, racing and touring he came up with some great ideas along the way.

Their help over the past 14 months has been wonderful. It didn’t matter what question or silly idea I had, it was answered. (John would always let me know if my idea was too wacky!!). His honesty made my somewhat stressful time funny.

I cannot Thank John, Yvonne and the Team enough for their time and effort in perfecting “The Northern Express” Thank-you so much.

Kenny Mac

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