Too Late To Back Out Now!!

Dad ready for his flight

Dad ready for his flight

Enjoying some breaky before the flight.

Enjoying some breaky before the flight.

Only one more sleep till Kenny Mac or as I like to call him ‘Old man’ hits the road peddling.

Yesterday was the official beginning of the adventure.  We set off at 5am to get Dad and his 5 bags (including his man bag) to the airport. The oversize luggage drop off lady didn’t know what was coming, LOL, 81 kgs of luggage, mind you that was not including the weight of his man bag and carry on.

Even after we sorted out the luggage the old man was still sooooo nervous/excited all in one and didn’t know what to do with himself. After having a giggle at mum being drug tested (couldn’t get a photo as I didn’t think it was the right time to piss off the AFP) we sat down and enjoyed some breaky.

We got to the boarding gate with an hour and 40mins to spare. At this point while we were waiting he said ‘ I guess it’s too late to back out now’ ha ha. Mum’s answer was yes, my answer was – you could always just google pictures and fake it, LOL. We said our goodbyes and waved, 3 times to be exact as he walked down the boarding gate.

Proud of you ‘old man’

Emily McIlwain


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