Day 2 – Adelaide River to Pine Creek

Pine Creek Hotel

Pine Creek Hotel

Hi All,

It’s Alanna (Kenny Mac’s eldest daughter).  Dad rode the 113 km from Adelaide River to Pine Creek today.  I spoke with him this evening and quoting him “He is shattered!! It was a long day physically and mentally”.  My first impulse is to reply with “Well what do you expect you crazy old man!!!” so I said just that.  Followed by “You can do it, and I am so proud of you!”

Dad is calling today the HH day – Hills and Headwind.  He has ditched the tent site and has got a room in the Pine Creek Hotel for the night.   With a decent feed on board he is going to get some well-deserved sleep.

Tomorrow he is riding from Pine Creek to Katherine (94 km) where he will have his first full rest day.  He will be able to do a post from Katherine and fill us all in on his Journey.

I have put some more of the photos he has taken so far below so you should definitely check them all out.  And on the subject of Crazy Old Man I am delighted to let you all know that he has met some other Crazy Adventurers out on the Road.  (Pictures Below)  The two guys are riding to Brisbane and the guy with the trolley-looking contraption is walking solo to Adelaide, he has been walking for 1 year 3 months 20 days 9 hours and 5 minutes so far.  What can you say……. I will start with CRAZY then settle for INSPIRATIONAL.

Love you Kenny Mac


More Adventurers riding to Brisbane Walking to Adelaide Day_One-004 Day_One-011 Day_One-010 Day_One-018 The Garmin Day_One-014 Day_One-003



6 Comments on “Day 2 – Adelaide River to Pine Creek”

  1. Thanks for the update Alanna! I agree – crazy & inspirational!
    Glad it’s all going well Ken, even if it does sound a little tough!!! Bet you’re still giggling!! Take care!


  2. Hi Ken, Just make it to the rest day, and the rest will take care of the REST! You are doing well. The first bit is always the hardest. Hopefully you will get a tail wind tomorrow! xx


  3. Thanks for the update Alanna:) Ken, you going great guns mate! No doubt there will be some tough kms to come but if any one will do it you will!!


  4. Hi Ken,
    Thinking of you as I end my day. I read all your words on your website today. Tomorrow, I introduce Kenny Mac to my class 3/4B. I hope today was okay and you are now safely tucked up in bed in Katherine. Goodnight and rest well tomorrow!


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