Day 13 – Ellenbrae to Gibb River Kreuzung TO


Hi all,

I spoke to Dad late last night, he rang from Ellenbrae Station phone, I guess my “check-up” phone call efforts paid off.  He is finding the dirt of Gibb River Road challenging.  He is averaging 10km/hour in the saddle, which for all you other crazy riders out there reading will know; it means it must be tough going.

In saying this, in true Kenny Mac Fashion, he is still doing really well and I have followed him today on SPOT and he seems to have done quite well today.

I am not expecting to hear from him the next few days, but I will continue my online stalk.  I have put some more photos up of his journey, so let’s all send him some positive energy.

And as Dad always told Ang and I when we rode with him, “Just keep doing those circles”!!


Day_Five-015 Day_Five-019 Day_Five-025 Day_Five-010 Day_Five-027

2 Comments on “Day 13 – Ellenbrae to Gibb River Kreuzung TO”

  1. Keep going big man! Am loving reading the blog and thanks Alanna for the updates whilst Ken is out of range. Great to know you are doing well and thoroughly inspired by your superhuman efforts. Look after yourself and keep on tearing up the dirt road!


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