Welcome to  my blog!

Like the main character in a drama novel I am known by many names. Hi, I’m Kenneth McIlwain also known as Kenny Mac, Kenny Wong, Aubrey Alan and Pa Pa.

I was asked why I would even put pen to web (once was paper) and start this blog site. Simple question to which I could have raved on with some grandeur of wisdom, but that’s not me. My reason is simple, ‘we need more inspirational work and stories to be told’.

Welcome to my journey.

14 Comments on “Home”

  1. cant wait to follow you thru this blog on your journey, Ainslie has just come back from there as says it was amazing. wishing you all the best.


  2. Ken, as your physiotherapist & suppporter, I wish you the very best of weather & fitnees for what will be the ride of a lifetime. Looking forward to you sharing your journey with us. Dave


  3. Hi lane buddy, you really are an inspiration…. have a fantastic journey, stay safe & don’t get bitten by a snake! 😱


  4. Hi Lenny missed to say goodbye @ tennant creek,we’re back in Mt Isa again for few day then head to cairns,hope your trip in going well Myra Monty Mcdonald & Eileen New Zealand


  5. Hello Ken
    Sounds great. Hope everything is what you expected. Still think a dog would have been good.
    I am so proud of you and also to know you


  6. Hey Kenny, that is outstanding, unbelievable. Mate you are definitely an inspiration to us all. I’ve been belting golf balls around the course 2 days a week. Have to pit up my act.
    Catch up soon.
    Regards Col Watson


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