Arrived Home to Sydney


Hi all,

I thought I would give you all one more ‘Kenny Mac update’.  Dad arrived home to Sydney last night and has been catching up on rest and relaxation.  I have heard from my sources that he has been nodding off regularly and randomly (even at the dinner table) and has been constantly eating!  We can all agree this rest and recoup is very well deserved.

He will be back on the air in the next few days and will be keeping us all up to date on Kenny Mac himself.  A huge thank-you Dad in trusting me to keep the ‘Kenny  Mac updates’ on track.  Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks.

I have put some great photos from his last few days below.


3 Comments on “Arrived Home to Sydney”

  1. Good luck ,you made it,,were in cairns now & have 3 more weeks before fly back to New Zealand has been hot all the way but enjoying it, Myra Monty McDonald & Eileen


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