Kenny Mac – You did it!

IMG_8433 (2) IMG_3078 (2)

Hi all,

I have the best Kenny Mac update for you all……  HE DID IT!!!  He has arrived safely in Broome.

Approximately 1900 km in 21 days –  We never doubted that he could do it – and he has.

I speak on behalf of all my family in saying that we are so proud of you Dad, Pa Pa, Kenny Mac and we all can’t wait to give you a huge hug!!!



9 Comments on “Kenny Mac – You did it!”

  1. Well done Kenny Mac!! So glad you have made it and all in one piece – albeit a skinny piece. 3/4B and I will give you 3 cheers in class tomorrow! Hip Hip Hooray!!! GO KENNY MAC!


  2. Well done Ken!! Congratulations!! I love the Beard, imagine how big a beard you could grow riding across Australia;) Can’t wait to catch up and hear the stories!


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